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  • Mine Bitcoin in Alberta, Canada

    Why Alberta?

    Cheap electricity: the price for the primary input in mining operations is currently at 20-year lows, and operates in a deregulated market that is over-built with excess generation capacity. Distributed generation and co-generation opportunities can reduce these costs even further. 

    Favourable regulation: Canada, and by extension Alberta, has adopted an accepting framework for Canadian businesses working in the cryptocurrency space, including mining operations. They have openly expressed a willingness to work with blockchain-based companies rather than against them. 

    Cool climate: Alberta has a varying, yet generally cold, climate with temperatures in the north of the Province averaging 10 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Expenditure to cool mining equipment is materially lower because of this.

    Stable government: both the Provincial and Federal governments are democratically elected to fixed terms, and generally serve the allotted term. Due to the this, the risk arising from regulatory changes or legislative overhaul is minimized and is more predictable than in other regimes. The Federal government has even begun to test blockchain technology to make research and grant funding more transparent, providing a concrete example for its acceptance of the technology. 

    Work with Us

    We can help your foreign corporation set up a mining farm in Alberta, with a completely customized and personal approach. Contact us to find out more. 

    Bitcoin Mining Documents

    Please explore the various research documents we have available, and check back for new additions.