We have re-branded! Ghost Promotions Corp is now Ghost Venture Partners Ltd

  • Partners

    Jason Olsen

    Co-founder of Ghost alongside his brother, Andrew, and friend, Chris, Jason's background is in finance, economics, and statistics. Transitioning away from his experience in the electrical utility industry in Alberta into emerging technologies, he is excited to bring innovative new solutions to market. Jason graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce with an international designation from the University of Alberta. 

    Andrew Olsen

    Andrew brings a unique and valuable marketing perspective to Ghost as a young entrepreneur. He has a strong market sense and is a calculated strategic planner that is responsible for determining future business endeavors for the company. His area of study is in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Alberta. 

    Chris Ehli

    Chris is an award winning cyber-security expert and holder of a prestigious Defcon Black Badge. He has remarkable experience and insight as a programmer, hacker, back-end architect, and entrepreneur. His expertise is the driving force behind Ghost's application and blockchain related developments. Chris is a graduate of NAIT. 

    Doug Thibault

    An accomplished digital marketer specializing in paid advertising and search engine optimization, Doug has worked with companies across North America to grow and expand their online presence. An entrepreneur by nature, Doug has founded and grown multiple companies throughout his career.